Chateau Ksara
Sunset Rose

Winemaking & maturing: Selected from the best vats of red grapes, this wine is obtained by bleeding. After 10 to 14 hours of maceration, fermentation is done at a low temperature (18°C). Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, the wine is racked- off and sulphured to avoid malolactic fermentation. Once it has stabilised, SUNSET is bottled in the spring, to preserve its ripe fruit flavours.

Taste: An intense pink colour with an aroma of red berries and a hint of spiciness, with an initial roundness in the mouth, and finishing with a fresh and vivid taste.

Ageing: Batter appreciated the first year; it can be kept for up to 2 years in a good cellar.

Serving: This fresh robust wine, with its slightly spicy aroma, is the ideal accompaniment to Mediterranean or Oriental cuisine. It also complements raw vegetables and cold meat. It should be served chilled (8-10°C) in order to reveal its spicy flavour, freshness and balance.

Variety of Vines: Made out of Cabernet-Franc and Syrah chosen from the finest soils of the Bekaa Valley.

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